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August 28, 2002

Mt. Buller and the open gully from the road. Just start plodding to the col and turn left; simple.

I brought my buddy, Luke on his first scramble.  He didn't have good shoes, so I don't think he'll let me drag him out next time I say 'let's go for a hike.'  We took the open gully from the road, as described by Alan.  Although the view from the road suffers from foreshortening, you'll find yourself on the col in short order.  I'll warn you though, after the first 200m down from the col, the trip becomes kinda hard on the knees and feet, and stumbling down the final jumbled creek bed wasn't very enjoyable.

Mt. Nestor from the col; it was an incredible day!

The summit ridge of Mt. Buller

Once you get to the col, you turn left and flounder up loose scree and a few slabs.  The face narrows to a ridge near the top, and you pass a final friction slap on the way to the ridge.  Alan expresses concern on this part, but I found it rather easy, though you wouldn't want snow on it, as Alan warns.  Continue along the ridge, where some exposure keeps you in check at a small downclimb (middle foreground of picture).  I found this part much more unerving than the friction slab (which was more or less free of loose rocks, at the time).  After that walk to the summit.

Frank on the summit

Looking towards the big boys: Eon, Aye, Lunette & Assiniboine.
You could see Mt. Temple off by Lake Louise, Mt. Ball and not to mention the view of Sir Douglas, icy King George, Birdwood & Smuts all lined up.