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Frank And Peter's Mountains
Observation Peak 3174m
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Oct 10/04
Playing Russian Roulette is better odds than hoping forecasts will be correct.  Not much in the way of the mainly sunny skies promised for Lake Louise on this day.  There was a decent amount of fresh snow from the day before (about 3 inches by the rock bands).  Once we got high and to the false summit, not much was visible at all.  Actually, visiblity was about 100ft, but with everything being white and the extremely flat light, it made things interesting.  At one point I took a small step expecting to find ground... and I did - 5ft lower!  Fortunately, avoiding the large cornices was easy.
Do yourself a favour and only do this peak when crystal clear skies are promised, othewise it's not worth much.

Ugh - that's a bit of a stretch with the snow! Photo: Vitto Spoldi

That's the summit, I promise. Photo: Vitto Spoldi

RT: 5.5hrs