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Frank And Peter's Mountains
Sheol Mtn 2776m
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Aug 6/05
Sonny cast a line looking for interest in doing Sheol mtn and I readily accepted, as I hadn't gone on a group scramble yet this year.  We needed to meet the six person rule for Paradise Valley, so the group consisted of: Sonny, Bob S, Dinah, Linda, Dan, Bob P and myself.  I wonder if climbers have posed the question to Parks Canada as to whether it's more dangerous to climb in a large group with the increased likelyhood of rockfall, or a couple of guys and a bear.  With this group, rockfall is kept as low as physically possible, but on Temple the question begs...
It was a great day out, if not a little on the warm side.  The plus side to it being that hot is lounging on the summit.  We took the gully on climber's right.  There's actually pretty good scrambling along the right side, and if I were to do Sheol again, I'd probably stick on the 'ridge' with the odd detour.

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