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This page is about our pursuits in the mountains.  The section with the most content will eventually be the 'Scrambles' page; the other pages we will mostly just put a few pictures and comments on.

So, sit back, warm up that right hand, and get ready to see why the Canadian Rockies are simply the best place in the world!

Excuse the amature appearance, but I have neither the time nor patience to screw around figuring everything out!


Partaking in any of the pursuits mentioned on this web site can KILL YOU (yes, even fly-fishing).  Do not take any of these activities as trivial, as you may end up in the hospital, or worse.  As with anything, if you are a beginner to any of these activities, starting out slow, and with proffesional help is strongly recommended.

The information on these pages is how the authors interpreted the situations for themselves.  DO NOT trust everything mentioned or suggested.  Learn to evaluate situations for yourself, and not rely on a written account.

Sunny skies on Temple Photo: Vitto Spoldi