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Frank And Peter's Mountains
Mt. Worthington 2938m
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Mt. Worthington from Three Isle Lake

Aug 6,7,8/2001
It may not be the highest, or the closest to the road, but Mt. Worthington is definitely 'worth' the effort.  Fast people will be able to do it in a day from the parking lot, but who likes doing 12 hour days?  Peter, my dad and I backpacked into Three Isle lake in perfect weather.  Of course, it rained that night and into the morning.  We rose late, had breakfast and decided to try Worthington, even if it was miserable out.
Technically, it is really just a hike on scree, unless of course you want to play.  The angle is laid back and there is no exposure.

Northover ridge on the way back

The idea is to follow the trail to Northover Ridge into the flats and look for an appropriate place to head through the forest to the col, out of the picture, to the right.  You can gain the col without any real scrambling to the far left.
When we reached the col, the rain was horizontal, but we found a really neat sinkhole for shelter. 

Mt. Joffre 3450m

The views on a clear day, would likely rate as one of the best in the Rockies.  In the south there's the Joffre group, and directly across the Palliser valley is the Royal Group looming above you.  In the north, there is Mt. Sir Douglas and the Haig, and you'd likely be able to see Assiniboine, if it were clear.

Mt. King George 3442m

Mt. Sir Douglas (completely covered in clouds) and Mt. Robertson

Three Isle Lake, Upper & Lower Kananaskis Lakes, and Mt. Idefatigagble

RT from Three Isle Lake backcountry campground: ~6hrs at a lazy pace.