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Frank And Peter's Mountains
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Guides & Goals
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These are some of the more useful (and original) guides for the Rockies.

Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies, Alan Kane.

Kananaskis Country Trail Guide VI, Gillean Daffern.

Kananaskis Country Trail Guide VII, Gillean Daffern.

Mountain Biking in the Canadian Rockies, Doug Eastcott

Frank's Goals:

'05 Season:
Yep, it's already the 'off' season in the middle of October, so I'm dreaming of next year.  The '04 season was alright in terms of scrambling, but I didn't get to do any alpine because of work and some crappy weather.  Next season promises to be different.
As far as scrambling goes, we'll probably chalk up some of the more difficult ones.  Stuff like Fox, Coleman, Sarbach, Warspite, Smuts, etc.  I won't even list moderate or easy ones, as our mood always changes, and we usually don't decide until the day before we go.
As for alpine, I'm looking at Cathedral pk, Peyto Pk, Andromeda Skyladder, Forbes, Cline, Chephren/White, Hector and Assiniboine (scramble).

Future Goals

The north face of K2