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What it's all about:

Scrambling is essentially non-technical climbing.  It ranges from steep hikes up scree to, serious terrain where inexperienced parties may opt to don a climbing rope.  Despite being labelled as non-technical climbing, scrambling has more than enough potential to kill, so be careful and don't be afraid to turn around.

Alan Kane is the author of Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies.  He has described numerous scrambles along with route photos.  Many of the scrambles we do are from his guide.  However, it's always fun to pull out a map and do your own research on other peaks!  I'm not terribly interested in doing all the "Kane scrambles."  Is it an eventuality?  Yes, probably; there's only x number of choss piles close to the road!

Mt. Baldy Traverse

Frank trying to out billy a goat

South & West Baldy

Banded Peak

Mt. Bell

Big Sister

Mt. Buller

Mt. Burstall

Mt. Charles Stewart S

Mt. Chester

Compression Ridge

Pete on Mt. Burstall

Mt. Cory

Door Jamb & Loder Pk

Mt. Edith N, C & S


The Fortress

Grotto Mtn.

GR290234 2650m

GR333458 2325m

Ha Ling

Heart Mtn

Holy Cross Mtn.

Mt. James Walker

Mt. Kidd N

Mt. Lawrence Grassi

Little Arethusa

Mt. Mary Barclay

Mist Mtn

Mt. Narao

Nihahi Ridge, S summit

Nihahi Ridge Traverse

Mt. Niles

Observation Pk

Mt. Shark

Snow Peak

Mt. Sparrowhawk

Mt. Temple

Mt. Tyrwhitt

Turtle Mtn

The Wedge

Mt. Worthington

Mt. Yamnuska