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Compression Ridge 2500m
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Aug 28/04
Once you reach Nihahi's North summit, you realise why Alan describes Compression Ridge as masochistic.  It makes a big horse-shoe, then swings north again.  We were pissed on for about 10mins after leaving Nihahi, but Mt. Fisher quickly resumed it's job, creating the rain shadow.  After that, the wind picked up, with the odd fearsome gust.  It's a boring plod to the first highpoint, but then the scrambling began, and I didn't feel tired at all, and quite enjoyed the next couple of hours.  Once reaching the east highpoint in the horse-shoe, we moved north again to the last highpoint, where scree is easily descended to Canyon Creek.  From where you turn North again, I don't think I've ever been quite so deceived.  I thought it would take a mere 10-15 minutes to get to the last highpoint.... an hour later after being blasted by wind...

Yay! Scrambling! A trail descends off to the left, but there's only a couple awkward moves

The mildly exposed summit ridge before the highpoint

Pete and Sonny at the first window. It can be climbed up and over.

Andrew and Dave below the second window

Looking back at Compression Ridge

RT: 6hrs;  11.25 hrs for whole Nihahi/Compression