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Oct 11/03
This trip had evolved over some correspondence on the RM books webBoard.  Dave Stephens had suggested that the web authors who use the forum all come together for a scramble.  Everybody jumped at the idea.  In the end, it was Dave Stephens, Sonny Bou, Vern Dewit, Peter and I that went.  Kyle Oak had to bail because of work, and Bennet Wong was out of town, but had scrambled Narao a week prior.  I was sure I'd eventually cross paths with all of these guys (we almost did meet Sonny while we we're on The Fortress; he was on Chester), but this seemed like a much better way of doing it.
The weather was kind of nasty: low visibility, and snowing most of the day, but I think everybody enjoyed it just the same.
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Pete, Dave - our very own jester, and Vern

The crux - not scrambling anymore!

After ambling along the ridge for some time, you come to this steep rise.  If it were dry, staying on the rock would have been nice;  the rock was solid too.  But with all that snow, we had to tackle the gully and head to the skyline ridge.  Dave thought he was smart, staying at the back while I led up, but I had the last laugh, [and many others at his expense!:-)] as I was the last down it.

Pete, halfway up the crux, checks the progress of others.

Click below for larger version.

Pete, Narao Crux

Pete takes the last few steps to the top.

Sonny and his 'friend' on the summit.

Mt. Victoria was plastered in some scary looking smears.

Despite the lack of views, the trip was very fun.  I suppose after a season of only being rained on twice, I can't complain.  It was great to be out in a larger group and not have been limited by others abilities/speed. 
Here's a lighthearted attempt at deciding which people felt the actual crux of the trip was:
Vern: My driving, apparently.  Just wait until they twin the road;-)  Oh, and I was down to 100 when I hit Banff!
Sonny: Waking up that early!  I envy his energy to be able to start out later in the day.
Dave: The ribbing he received for wearing fairy boots.
Frank: Not losing my head waiting for my hot chocolate at Laggans!
Peter: Not using his usual smart-ass (I call it wry wit) attitude in an attempt to make the others really believe that younger isn't always dumber!
Anyways, enough of this rock stuff - skiing and ice season is within sight!.

RT: 7.5hrs