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Frank And Peter's Mountains
Mt. James Walker 3035m
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June 29/03

Mt. James Walker

We approached James Walker via the ski trails (sawmill p-lot).  After a pleasent warm-up hike to the pond, follow a trail on the right hand bank of the inlet stream up the headwall (it's distinct, but has a fair bit of deadfall!).  In the above picture we started in the middle of the face, and climbed up the slabs lower down.  This entire slope is just pure evil - very loose, very sharp rocks.  We headed up to the right to gain the ridge (footing is more solid there).

Passing the gendarme

We bypassed the gendarme on the right, but you can climb up and over it without too much trouble.  After the gendarme there is pretty decent srambling to the summit.  On the left side of the ridge, there is considerable exposure.  It took 5 full seconds for the sound of dropped rocks to reach us - last time I checked, that will kill you, and how!  We stayed just to the right on moderate/difficult terrain, however if you drop even farther down, it will just be easy scrambling.

Pete scrambling the ridge

Summit in sight...

Frank on the summit

ahhh, time for a nap!

RT: 7hrs