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Oct 13/02

Peter and I headed back to Whiteman's Gap on the Thanksgiving day long weekend to give EEOR a try.  I figured it would be one of the only objectives still in decent condition owing to all the snow.  There was 3" of snow at the parking lot, but it never got much deeper than 5" unless you found yourself in a drift.  Above tree line the wind was brutal, blowing spindrift into our faces; each time Peter letting out a comical yelp.  We we're dragging ass (a result of doing absolutely nothing physical for a month) and when we reached the rockband in the ridge, gave up.  It was probably still easily negotiable with all the snow and ice on it, but we'd had enough of the wind.

Kinda windy....

Peter just below the rockband

On the way down we couldn't even get a glissade out of the unconsolidated snow.  I think I managed only a few meters with a 'superman.'

RT: 4hrs