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Frank And Peter's Mountains

Mt. Burstall 2760m

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Taking advantage of no work and no school, Pete and I went up Burstall in variable weather.  It's suprising when you can do a scramble in that area in under 4 hours.  On the way up, we didn't head to the col first, we worked our way up on an angle to intersect the ridge just above the large pinacle.  We thought it might alleviate some treadmilling, but it was pretty rank anyways.  It drizzled for about 20 minutes from just below the col to halfway to the ridge.  Fortunately, most of the ridge was sufficiently dry.  I found the crux to be the small slab just above the large crack, as holds were small and slimy.  We curtailed our stay at the top due to some really dark clouds and distant rumblings in BC.  Thankfully, the mountain repays you for your efforts on the way up, and the run down from the col is probably as fast as Yam's.  Passed a very courteous bear, who went and hid in the forest while we passed.  Got back to the bikes just as the floodgates opened, and enjoyed a very quick, if not very wet roll, back to the parking lot.

Heading up in rain, just above the col

Frank scrambling up the wet crack

Pete just below the summit

Frank checking out routes for the glaciers

RT: 3hrs50mins